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A charcoal barbecue that makes cooking easier

Nearly half of american adults (45%) planned to buy a new grill or barbecue in 2016. This is one of the most important results of a recent study published recently by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. In France, 1 in 3 French people own or will consider buying a barbecue in 2019. So I present you the ally of your future winter and summer holidays, the MFOG Barbecue !



You will discover through this site, what is the crazy story of this unique charcoal barbecue, what are its virtues in the kitchen and we will of course make you discover it; demonstrations of cooking a duck breast and beef steak, chicken on the spit and golden suckling pig as desired, because for the MFOG grill, nothing is impossible!

How do you properly extinguish a barbecue fire?
How do you properly extinguish a barbecue fire?

Whether with family, friends, every weekend or during the holidays, everyone loves the barbecue. While some opt for gas or electric barbecues with simplified extinction modes, others will choose the charcoal barbecue for more authenticity. But these barbecues are not the easiest to handle.

Between lighting and the pleasure of cooking, the barbecue also needs to be extinguished, and this is a matter of technique. Here are a few tips on how to extinguish your barbecue safely.

First tip for putting out a bearded fire

The first is always to keep your appliance still after the barbecue and to keep people away from people who might burn themselves with it. Next, you must close all air ducts that can supply oxygen to the fire or embers, without forgetting to remove the grill in order to avoid over-burning of leftover food. This also makes cleaning the grill easier. If your grill has a lid, be sure to close it tightly. After 24 to 48 hours, the fire will eventually go out completely.

But what if your barbecue does not have a lid? The air will still be circulating and will never allow you to turn it off easily. In this case, here's the trick: deplete your environment of oxygen. You can do this by pouring sand over your coals. The lack of air circulation will extinguish the fire quickly. However, since sand is thermally conductive, you will have to wait for everything to cool down before you can clean it up. The disadvantage is that it is messy.

Second tip for putting out a barbecue fire

Another method uses baking soda. In contact with heat, it produces carbon dioxide, a gas that helps to smother the flame and reduces the power of the heat. However, it is less effective but less messy than sand. Otherwise, to avoid waste, use ashes from your last charcoal barbecue. This can also work.

Third tip for putting out a barbecue fire

One trick often mentioned is the use of water. But is it really effective? It's true that if you pour water over a fire, the fire goes out. However, it is not recommended for barbecuing. Why not? Pouring water on the coal fire leads to the formation of steam that can burn you badly. Pouring water on charcoal is the most unsafe technique. It depends on the type of charcoal you are using. For example, if you use vegetable-based charcoal, the more steam you use, the more important it is.

The use of water is, however, essential if you use baking soda. Water enriched with baking soda is the method described above. Water can also be used if your barbecue is a wooden barbecue. I did say wooden, not charcoal. This shade is very important since the recommended method to extinguish a wooden barbecue is boiling water.

Of course, for your safety, always use heat-resistant gloves when handling the coals.

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