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A charcoal barbecue that makes cooking easier

Nearly half of american adults (45%) planned to buy a new grill or barbecue in 2016. This is one of the most important results of a recent study published recently by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. In France, 1 in 3 French people own or will consider buying a barbecue in 2019. So I present you the ally of your future winter and summer holidays, the MFOG Barbecue !



You will discover through this site, what is the crazy story of this unique charcoal barbecue, what are its virtues in the kitchen and we will of course make you discover it; demonstrations of cooking a duck breast and beef steak, chicken on the spit and golden suckling pig as desired, because for the MFOG grill, nothing is impossible!

How do you start a fire on the barbecue?
How do you start a fire on the barbecue?

The snowy days of December and the grey winter already seem very far away. Spring has already given us a foretaste with its beautiful sunny days, but the summer sun is still on its way. And summer means barbecue and aperitifs with family or friends in the garden or on the terrace. When talking about barbecue, the problem of lighting the fire always arises.

If for some people it is only a trivial task, for others it is a real headache. So, discover through this article our well noted tips for easily lighting the barbecue fire.

First technique: the classic ignition

Currently, there is some specific equipment to effectively light the barbecue fire, but if you don't have it, the simple traditional method remains accessible. To light, the charcoal barbecue fire, paper, small wood or charcoal are methods that date, but have not yet lost their effectiveness. Of course, the technique is a bit long, but it is still effective.

However, in order for it to be much more effective, it is necessary to first follow certain steps. First of all, take balls of newspaper from the barbecue. Add some small wood such as a vine shoot or pine cones to help with lighting.

Once this is done, simply light the newspaper, wait a little while for the wood to start burning and then put the charcoal on top. It's true that this is a classic technique, but it takes a lot of time because it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to put your food on the grill.

Second technique: using barbecue lighters

Lighting the charcoal barbecue fire may seem like a trivial task at first, but after 3 or 4 attempts at lighting the fire you will see that the task is more complex than you think. This is the reason why specific products for lighting the fire are invented. These are products that give a better result without exposing your body to chemicals.

One such product is firelighter fluid, known simply as firelighter oil, which is perfect for starting a fire in less than 15 minutes. In addition to oil, you can also rely on other methods such as solid charcoal, firelighter gel, briquettes, smoke wood or firelighter fluid.

Whichever lighting tool you choose, you should be careful about buying, as there are some tools that leave an unpleasant odour on the food to be grilled.

Third technique: the igniter chimney

This is the best way to light the barbecue fire easily. This applies in particular to charcoal barbecue fires. To do this, simply place a bottle at the bottom of your barbecue and then wrap strips of newspaper around it, gradually rising upwards.

To make the lighting easier, you need to tie the newspaper strip with about ¼ of a turn of offset from the previous strip.

Once you have finished these steps, the rest is simple. Indeed, just pour the charcoal around your bottle while being careful to put the plate against it.

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