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A charcoal barbecue that makes cooking easier

Nearly half of american adults (45%) planned to buy a new grill or barbecue in 2016. This is one of the most important results of a recent study published recently by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. In France, 1 in 3 French people own or will consider buying a barbecue in 2019. So I present you the ally of your future winter and summer holidays, the MFOG Barbecue !



You will discover through this site, what is the crazy story of this unique charcoal barbecue, what are its virtues in the kitchen and we will of course make you discover it; demonstrations of cooking a duck breast and beef steak, chicken on the spit and golden suckling pig as desired, because for the MFOG grill, nothing is impossible!

Recipes for vegetable crisps à la plancha
Recipes for vegetable crisps à la plancha

Easy, fast and funnily effective. It's a recipe with multiple flavours: waves, the sea and above all this flavour inherited from the Basque Country.

This particular way of preparing mussels a la plancha is a very special way of preparing mussels... Garlic, vinegar, olive oil, ham and Espelette chilli pepper pleasantly perfume the mussels.

Cooking for 4 people

Make provision for moulds :

    1 drizzle of olive oil
    1 dash of Espelette pepper vinegar
    A rash of dry white wine
    Mild garlic
    1 bunch of parsley
    2 yellow onions
    2 slices of Bayonne ham
    3 kilos of medium-sized mussels

Ingredients for vegetable crisps:

    Salt with Espelette chilli pepper
    20 cl olive oil
    2 carrots
    2 turnips
    2 medium sweet potatoes

First step: season and cook the mussels.

Preparing the mussels a la plancha is not as difficult as that, so it's impossible to miss. Unless, of course, you throw the mussels next to the plancha for example... However, all you have to do is follow the various instructions to make sure you don't miss anything and dazzle your guests.

Preparing the seasoning

Start by finely chopping the parsley and set it aside. The onions are to be finely chopped. Cut your sweet garlic into thin strips. Do the same with the ham.

Preparation of the mussels

Leave the mussels to drain for 1 hour, then wash, scrape and drain. Take the hot plancha and pour the drizzle of olive oil before putting the onions on it. Also add your garlic and ham.

Put on the fire, on the barbecue grill, and cook for 2 minutes while stirring. Use the white wine to deglaze. If for some reason you run out of Bayonne Ham, you can use the ventresca to replace it.

It's time to add your mussels. Mix the whole energetically for a good seasoning. Once the mussels start to separate, you add the vinegar. Mix again, and wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the mussels to hatch. You can now remove them from the plancha, but as soon as you put them in the dish, you add the parsley.

No need to salt your mussels! The evaporated seawater and Bayonne Ham will do it for you. When you decide to cook the mussels, take the trouble to deglaze the plancha well each time you cook them, because the water from the mussels crystallizes the salt on the cooking board and the future mussels will be saltier.

Second step: preparing the vegetable crisps

Peel your vegetables and slice them finely with the knife or the mandolin. Wait until the plancha is heated through before reducing the heat by half if you wish to dry the slices.

Add a little olive oil and align the slices of vegetables. Stir regularly and drizzle constantly with olive oil for about ten minutes.

Remove from the heat and wait for it to cool before adding the salt. Don't be afraid to let your vegetable slices simmer for a long time so that the water can come out well and they turn into crisps!

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